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When the local Masonic Lodge was in need of a new facility, it was George F. Jones, a brother of that order, who suggested a second story be added to the single story building he was constructing on the corner of Front Street (now 1st Street) and Broadway.  The Lodge and the local chapter of the International Order of the Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) collaborated on the effort and pooled their funds for the $10,840 cost of the project.  The fraternities met in the upper story of the building and rented out the lower story to respectable businesses.

When the building was finished in 1871, the lower story was occupied by one of several hardware stores in the downtown area and has been to the present day save for a brief period from 1913-1915 where the lower story served as the local post office.

Returning from WWI, Liston Clark became the new owner of the hardware business in 1920, took on Charlie Collier as a partner in 1935 and the business became known as Collier-Clark Hardware.  Business went well enough for Clark to retire in 1944 and Collier took over, changing the name to Collier Hardware.

In 1945, Collier decided to retire and sell the store. Cecil Hitt, the regional salesman for the wholesale hardware distributor, Dunham, Carringan, and Hayden, convinced his boss, Walter Bamman, to buy it with him.  The pair’s contacts in San Francisco kept Collier Hardware popular and profitable through WWII.  In 1950, Bamman sells out to Jack Bowen in 1950, although he still worked there on the weekends until he retired.

A young Sylvester (Syl) Lucena worked at Collier Hardware through his school age years and then returned from a successful teaching career to buy in as a partner in 1963 when Bowen retires. When Cecil Hitt decided to retire in 1971, Syl buys Hitt’s remaining shares and takes over the business in whole.

Currently, Syl and his three sons, Marc, Steve, and Matt run the store as taught by their predecessors – with business savvy and excellent customer service.

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